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Thursday, May 26, 2005


After sleepy nights, lethargic body with aches, exaggerated doses of bitter medication and anti-biotics, absurd feeling in the stomach and side-pains, doctor's advice rather harsh scoldings, no-drinks, no-spicy-food, no-thanda-water, no-ketchup, noisy streets, useless cheap net, lots-of-undone-homework, new-alwarid-connection, formatted-clean-pc, rainbow-market-attacks, photograghy and-all-that-was-left-unsaid.. I M BACK!!!

Thanks to those nice bloggy people who cared to visit my blog even when I wasn't updating and keep doing that! =P

Quote of the day:
"President Pervaiz Mussharaf is an ancestor and a very ghraaate(Gr8) leader"
Any Guesses?.. ofcourse she is none other than our own stupid ambassador of Peace
---Meera, I know she will later sue me! :lol:

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