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Saturday, May 28, 2005

mislayed in a dream

While taking my afternoon nap, I dreamt and I enjoyed. I saw myself living a carefree life, carefree than today and every predicted-expected-type day. No worries, only mauj-tafree.. i-dont-care attitude lingering with my skin. A day spent by sitting at footpath outside the corner-shop and having a useless-slang-conversation with some debauched friends. A day which is perfect for a loser who has no ambition in life. He lives for the futile present.. whose journey is wasted in wandering nowhere. And when I opened my eyes from state of oblivion, I realized how lucky I am! without purpose, you lose desire and when you lose desire, you lose your own inner self.

There is so much to say, plenty to write on bloggerspace and so less time in hand.

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