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Friday, June 03, 2005

Thoughts on 2nd June 2005

Listening to: Na-re-Na... hooked up to this song.

Today was a nice day. My accounting professor was in a good mood, when he smiles whole atmosphere brightens up. He doesn't look cool but he, an about 40+ year old male is the cutest teacher according to some gals. Anyways this was a unique lecture:

Sir: If we want to buy, yaar wohi jo office mein lage huwe hain TV type
Me: yes sir, monitor

Sir: ya woh abc wala
Me: its called keyboard

Sir: ya phir woh jis se Photocopy nikalti hai, I mean printer
Me: you are right this time sir!

LOL.. and he continued with details on invoice.

then we discussed about types of expenditures with examples having a allusion of pathetic public transport. Surely a nice way of learning accounting with fun plus it was also a review of our social mediocracy.

Did I tell you that today our class was looking like a kitchen? Don't ask why.

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