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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

accounting misery

I have so less time and a big assignment to do. I have to write summaries of 2 chapters, have to make 4 income statements and 8 balance sheets. Isn't it a bulky home work? plus I hate drawing lines on paper, inshort I am doomed(angry grace on raheel’s big face). I am feeling sleepy, guilty, dull and sad. Today was not a good day... worse than the worst. My school admin doesn't know its responsibilities. None of them, yes all 4 of 'em can't even tell me the correct procedure for submission of registration fees, aik to chori upper se seena zori as they insulted me like hell. I don't wanna go school 2morrow, just want to sleep... this boy needs more n more sleep. Whether I am at school or at home, I am constantly playing with numbers. I am bored with 1-debit-2-3-credit-4-$-balance-thingy! Is it really a truth or just a matter of bad time? God help me! I am feeling LOW... very LOW... LOWER than ever. I want to cry badly for atleast an hour but I am rigid, I can't be weak, tears usually don't tapak-tapak so easily. I am feeling thousand emotions simultaneously.

PS: for all of those who are thinking why the hell an-about-to-be-19-yrs-old-guy is still in school? I am acquiring professional education, they can’t be universities – I am missing uni life; in order to gain some, you lose some.

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