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Sunday, June 05, 2005

poor man-not-kind

Some people are impossible so is A. I hate him. If it was ethical and lawful, I would have killed him at the very instance. I don’t know what is wrong with him. I know a person should forget and forgive but how many times can I let it go? Is this because of his immaturity? Why should I bother? The thing which is wrong can’t be stated as right. He has a foul tongue, he don’t think anything before speaking. He wants to criticize other and say bad things about others in the rudest manner. AA you don’t know how much you have hurt me. And if you think that’s no one is better than you than take 50 cents from me. All I can do is pray that God can make your mind a little conscientious. Few minutes earlier, It was a dilemma that should I write about this or not, but believe me, I am not writing this to spit my frustrations out. This is an opportunity or say a global appeal that please try to be such creature so that WE, the human race can proudly call you a HUMAN. If you think I don’t have any minds than hey Mr. AA just go and wash your face. I am surely not the first person who is writing such post about you or rather giving these odious words. And if any of you have such weaknesses, please try to mend it or else such comments will ruin you.

PS: If incase, after reading this post you feel that there is no difference between me and him than let me remind you again this is not a revengeful post, no hard feelings for A but a chance for others to evaluate and improve themselves.

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