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Friday, June 10, 2005

tinted reflection

Butterflies are the prettiest insect created by God Almighty. When they are in front of my eyes, shining high with their colours and textures, I see hope in them. I see the sacrifice of a pupa(enclosed in a cocoon) to win the beauty. I see the aura of freedom all around them; freedom of choice, freedom of perception, freedom of expression, freedom of love, in short they are multi-facets of liberty. I find them realistic/practical because they are capable of flying high and achieving their aims and dreams but still they are close to ground. This shows how modest and humble they are, how well they know the importance of their roots.

Delicate as they and their senses are, they can feel that is indescribable, they can smell the scents which are immortal, they can protect the sweetness of nectar in their body. Sweetness which glows in the colours of its wings; capable of bringing happiness and smiles in lives of millions. I see creativity and art flaunting out of them like lava erupting various shades of streamlined reds, oranges and yellows. Diversity is their passion, they come in different sizes, colours and shape.. yet all of them are beautiful and special in their own unique way.

At times I also connect with the butterfly, lost somewhere deep inside me, crushed by my own criminal hands. Sometimes I feel there is a butterfly in me too.

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