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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Guzra huwa fantabulous kal

Have you ever seen a grand competition where kids of class I and class III are hosting the whole event? I know most of you rather all will answer in negation but luckily I have! I prepared them, they gave their best shots inspite of schedule changes and praises came from everywhere which they truly deserved. Those kids were damn brilliant. And then I was told that I had to host the toughest part i.e. Gift Distribution. Mashallah se it all went well except a blunder which was kinda embarrassing but not a big deal for a person who was told to do an impromptu act just minutes before the whole thing and he didn't know a single thing about it - not even the schedule and the names of receivables. Thank you my dear God for guarding my respect at that crucial moment :)

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