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Monday, July 04, 2005

live8 concert was damn stunner

I missed it the first time, I was about to miss it the second time too but browsing through channels I luckily saw live8 concert repeats on the musik channel. I missed the U2 and DMB part sigh! Anyways Robbie rocked.. the energy was freaking hot. Maroon 5 was an utter disappointment. Pink Floyd was the main attraction. It was freaking awesome! but the drummer looked so feeble that I felt sympathy for him. Thank God, we didn't had any problems with electricity or cable during the show or else I would have killed every and any one responsible for this predictable crime.

If your internet connection has no problem, obviously it doesn't have or else you won't be reading my stupid blog then please sign this list. Atleast 3 times.

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