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Monday, September 19, 2005

Pray, not Play

Government of Pakistan has announced that if police noticed a child using firecrackers on the holy night of 'Shab-i-Baraat', his guardian will get arrested and will go straight into jail. A well-thought strategy because more or less these guardians are themselves responsible for all the menace that their children create but I guess, if this regulation is made for proper implementation then they should make a separate jail for these prisoners a.s.a.p. =p.

I hate these firecrackers. They create a lot of noise, disturbance and distruction. The people who are suffering from a serious disease can't even sleep because all the noise that these phatakas make. This act completely negates the purpose of the holy night because most of people who are praying get so annoyed with all those blast and blares.

People should avoid using these weapons of nuisance for safety of their own and others. If you don't have a hunger after virtue then atleast you shouldn't ask for sins.

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