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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Earthquake day inside academy

I was sitting on an uncovered seat and the walls were dancing with me. I look at partially wrecked roof which gave an angry to me; jolted as if there was an earthquake. Soon I realised that I was travelling in W-21 bus.

Soon as I reached to my educational institute, I gave a look to my watch. It said to me cheerfully that there is some time for the class. So I climbed the stairs leading to the library, the stairs which reminds me of medieval period, the stairs which can break into pieces any time. Finally, I entered library safe and sound. As soon as I took my seat, I felt a jolt.. the floor was moving. I wanted to shout.. I was about to scream,"Run.. it is an earthquake, EARTHQUAAAAKKEEEEE!!!".

Seconds later, I realised that it is not the first time, when I experiencing this. Whenever somebody enters and walk over those floors, you and your seat feel an unknown sensensation. Poor construction material.. duh!! I have made my mind, I won't go into that useless and unsafe library again.

By the way, I am getting all the attention in the class. My teacher praises me for most of the shirt that I wear, for every answer that I give and for every question that I ask. But sometimes it feels pretty annoying too.

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