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Thursday, November 03, 2005


I personally don't like changes which involve risks like a bad hair cut. But I finally gathered courage to get a new hairstyle because I knew it couldn't get worst than my previous one. I got a scissor cut, then came the specs after and eye test and I lost few pounds too so you can see it is a complete makeover.

Now it was testing time. I went to my self development class. As soon as I entered the building, people who were walking, stopped and stared at me. It was extremely funny to see people turning back to see me because they thought as if a new person has come. I got plenty of nice comments because I guess everyone had become so bored of seeing my same static stupid look(I call SSS look). But the shocking part was everyone on net thought that I looked like a geek. I knew that it would happen because if a person is getting a pic of himself, it won't turn out being great in any way - I hate Samsung X-600. Secondly, I ain't photogenic.

PS: the hanging problem which my blog suffered has been repaired. This post is also updated. Have fun!

Some comments:
Maria said: "You look like a total geek!! lolz"
Green Head said: "This is what you look like on a good hair day?!.. lolz!!"
Kamran said: "You seem a little different today than you normally do"

PSS: I am neither chinese, japanese nor korean. yeh sab camera ki badmashi hai!!(Its all camera's fault - for my firangi/foreign readers) =p

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