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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Your prayers is all I need.

First and Foremost my heartiest thanks to all those who wished me good luck.

Its 8th day of December and as promised here I am, shivering in cold.. scared, shouting, screaming and not-to-forget laughing because I have my exam tomorrow and I don't have any idea what to do. I have only covered 3/4 of syllabus by now and revision is due too. If you are wondering, why the hell am I laughing at such urgency then lemme tell ya that when I am at the peak of my stress level I don't cry but instead laugh and I seriously don't know why and waise bhi hookays? Yes you can say that I am little mad.. aisa hi hoon main. The point is I have to study alot then have to give an exam and write nice posts about Kara Film Festival and dozen of other things. I guess for all this, I also need a favor from all of you. Yours prayers raised to exponential powers are highly required.

Keep Praying!! and I hope I will come back with a good news. Btw 9th Dec is the day of judgement.. Result will be announced on 20th Feb which usually comes out with unexpected passing rates.. usually only 30% students pass this in Pakistan. I want to pass this CAT T5 at any cost to get into ACCA.

Take Care, Ciao.

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