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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Happy Children's Day

Children's Day is celebrated universally on 20th Nov. I personally love being with kids. I find them very cute.. who doesn't?! I like their innocent mischiefs, gentle hands and soft cheeks. Now let me recall and cherish some memories of my childhood.

Mashallah se, people say and I also believe that I was a gifted child. I guess every person on this earth is gifted but when we talk about children.. some are more lucky than others. My ather met with a huge accident but by the grace of my dear God, he survived it. At that time I hadn't even seen this world with my eyes. He always said that I was his good luck charm.. I hope I can live upto his his words and expections. On the contrary, sometimes I think, maybe he is my good luck charm and my mom too :). Mashallah se I was good at studies, extra-curricular activities, debates, drama, dance.. everything except sports =P.. I was also a little shararati(mischievous) in a sense that I was very much stubborn(I still am!). I used to shout, scream and cry alot. I used to ring door bells of my neighbours and then ran out of the scene. I also used to lock their doors from outside.. OMG thats so much fun for every child but then the scoldings that came from my family was not that awesome. I hadn't made any close friends in those years but I guess it worked out in my favor. I excelled in studies and got confidence which brought praises as well as jealousy/criticism too. But there is one thing for sure.. I was hell more innocent than others as anyone could fool me so easily. I guess any good that I am today is all of because of my dear God and then comes my family, specially my mother, pappa and my cousin sisters who have done my upbringing to the finest.

So how little Raheel decribes himself in three words: Intelligent, Creative and Moral. Yaar Now I am 5'6" big young man so I am allowed to blow out my own childhood trumpet. I am still a child at heart and otherwise too =P

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