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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Raheel was a Movie Buff!!

I am a complete movie buff. There was a time when I used to eat, drink and sleep movies. When I used to ask for movies on cable/lan sharing, people used to call me a movie begger.. lolz!! But unfortunately I haven't seen any movie since ages because I don't have damn 3 free hours to watch a movie.. as for now, I just satiating myself with telefilms. Now I guess I should slow on and chill so this is list of movies that I want to watch(though some of them are unreleased):

Thatz a long list.. quite a job to complete watching movies in this list when I have so less free time.

PS: Pakistan won the test series. It is a big win for Pakistan after a long time. Yaay!! Starts jumping crazily over bed. The real fun will be when Pakistan manages to win the one days. Not a huge cricket fan but Pak-India matches are nice way to kill time.

PSS: Neha Kakkar out of Indian Idol Season 2. She was a great performer.. nice expression, body language and dancing abilities. Though her voice was little different than usual and not the strongest but she didn't deserve to go back this soon. I guess, they should ask Pakistanis to vote instead of silly Indians.. I know majority of them are emotional fools or fools anyways. But I guess the results in both countries will remain the same because people can't see talent, they only see the show-sha and the most stupid contestant will remain the most attractive among the audience.. Sad yes it is!! On the other hand, people also tend to listen to judges' comments but when judges are already so confused and they can't shape their comments in a simple, easy and specific way then hell ya to such people.

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