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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry dear if you are the best, you gotta go!!

I lurrrve to see reality tv shows, specially those who appreciate and encourage talent like Indian Idol. Okay I don't watch it only for fun, I think it is somekind of confidence or hope booster for all artistic type of people. As I am mad.. only little mad not completely completely wala mad, I like to get connected to the details of the program.. I mean I choose some contestants as my favorite and then follow their progress very seriously so I can enjoy every part of it. I think it used to be like this, but since Indian Idol 2 has started intensity of my madness has lower down.. just because I know there is no use of doing all this because you will always get disappointed as Indian public has majority of emotional fools who will never respect talent so it is evident that the best person will never win the competition. Second best still have some chance, only if he is a male because there is gender-biasness ki inteha in public's perception :@ or maybe girls vote much more than boys ;)

At this moment I am more angry than sad. In some of my previous posts, I have said that all past results of Indian Idol 2 were shocking. But today's was not only shocking, unfair rather it was an insult of true singing talent. Nothing new it has always been like this in these stupid reality tv shows because idiots are choosing the winner. Despite of the fact that Ravi, Panna and Sandeep are still there and singing some very bad amateurish stuff, Monali is out. Shit!! I mean she was the best, yes the best. She was extremely beautiful. She always presented herself nicely. She got the best clothes in show. She looked so very cute when she smiled.. more cute then uXuf's bakri(goat). She always talked so innocently and sweetly that you can have a crush on her, at the very moment when she opens her mouth to speak.. as having a crush even before having any conversation with that person seems abnormal to me. Okay now lets talk about her talent. She has a very versatile copyrighted voice.. a spark that I never saw in others. She understood the lyrics and her expression were so accurate at every place, and her beautiful expressive eyes.. Uff Dammit!! I am getting furious sach mein. Her performance was always upto the mark which includes her dancing skills too. None of her performances were monotonous, she always tried something new, something creative and innovative. What can you ask more in your Idol? Yes all she missed was that she neither was absurd nor she belonged to less developed area, so didn't gather any sympathy like other contestants and unfortunately got voted out.. sad state of affairs really!! As 'the one' who has to be eliminated in that episode know it beforehand unlike other participants and judges. So she kept on wispering that I don't want to go and she kept weeping even before the announcement of result because she already knew that she had to go despite being such strong contender. Luck's poor victim!! Chalo never mind, afterall its a game. She will soon sing in somer hindi movie as one of the judges, Anu Malik has promised her for a playback break. Still yaar if you are human(human not for the sake of human but a proper human with a heart) then you will feel bad for anyone who deserved it. You cried, judges also cried along you, public was already upset so they also cried because they can't see you go but the contestants got relieved because the best one is out of the game which is in their benefit :( Ironically her last song was 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kahena'(Don't say I am leaving)

Will miss you sweetheart!! The show will never be the same, not only for me but for million others for sure.

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