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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Have you listened to the album Kailasa and especially the track 'Teri Deewani'. The magic is in the voice dude.. sufi rock sound and Kailash Kher's mesmerizing voice reaches to the deepest chord of your heart soul. The video is so good.. both the track and the video has so much feel to it. I mean at first you will feel like it is a no-or-low budget video but it has Jami's genius and Saqib Malik's feel to it.. such music videos are rare in India.

I have been listening to lots of music lately. I mean not bundles of songs but few songs whose fever isn't getting over. If you don't like hindi bollywood movie songs still you will adore the tracks of 'Fanaa'. The best track is 'Mere Haath Main' for sure. Its beauty. Its serene. It makes you cry if you feel it to the highest degree. But what the shame, the promos tell that that director hasn't done justice to it while shooting it. I know it would have been hard to interpret such fine-tuned song and catch it through the lens. Secondly, Kajol is playing a role of blind girl in this movie so here is another limitation. No problem.. just imagine the whole beauty yourself ;)

Shubha Mudgal has a great powerful voice and we know that. She still sounds feminine which is also great. If you are into semi-classical stuff then she will rcok you!

I have started reading Edhi's Autobiography. Have just completed thirty pages. It is very touching yet disturbing. Will tell you about it whenever I finish it reading.

I want to learn Salsa!! BUT WHERE TO GO? next..

Help this kid, he is a leukaemia patient. You will earn some virtue outta it.

So after so much recommendations, this is the last one. Blogosphere is filled with ideas but these days it kinda bored up. I just googled something few days ago and I got a this blog link. I thought the idea to be very powerful. I am heard about weight-loss blogs, homeless people's blogs or education blogs but this one has a twist. It is a diary of an anonymous clueless individual who is feeling anxiety because his house is not his anymore.. not like a homeless story but a simple house-selling story. By now what I have observed that some new twist comes everyday.. an interesting and unusual blog for me.

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