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Saturday, July 09, 2005

bookwormy -sorrie for a late post..

Thanks Hina and Exceer for tagging me.

How I came nearer to reading:
The credit goes to my mom, pappa and Shehnaz aapi. They gifted me a membership of community library on my birthday and the first book that I ever issued and read was about Sharing. I would have read that book about Bazillion times in my childhood. And since then, there was no looking back. More inspiration came from VISION class and recommendations of N-E aapa and Heewa.

Total number of books owned, ever:
Don't ask me about figures and numbers. Nowadays I hate them completely.

Last book I bought:
Are course books included? On a serious note, it was *Linda Goodman's Sun Signs*. Great book for the suckers of astrology.

Last book I read:
'Siddhartha', a novel by Herman Hesse. Perfect for my taste.

Five books which mean a lot to me:(with growing order of importance)
1. My Feudal Lord:
It was the first 300+ pages book that I ever completed and Believe me, it was a damn tough job for me. Politics and relationships when juggled together, can be very interesting to read.

2. Siddhartha:
A novel to which I can relate so much. Self-exploration and continuous improvement is what I want from every moment like Siddhartha. Most people think that he changed religions and lifestyles which soothed his soul and gave him inner peace but I think it was just a part of the plot. There are much deeper hidden meanings in last chapters. On the same lines, Richard Bach's novel *Jonathan Livingston Seagull* was equally inspiring. However it has a distinct symbolic flavor of its own. I know I cheated but hell ya, after all this is my blog yaar!

3. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People:
This book of Stephen Covey and the workshop of Abbas Hussain has been a blessing for me. I learned so much about change, anger and stress management. My life is much better now because of this one book.

4. Second Treasury of Kahlil Gibran / Broken Wings: (..okay I cheated again :D)
You can learn so much from KG's writings, while enjoying the fragrance of his magical words. Insightful to such an extent that you wish to jump in the sea of his expression and drown in it to find its depth.

5. ________
And this one is the secret, nothing better than this. Source of guidance for both my worldy and spiritual life.

My companion in reading:
my imagination, my thoughts and my inner voice; and ofcourse the book.

okay now for the sake of keeping the tradition alive j/k, I tag..

I hope all of 'em are reading this.

PS: My LAN connection has made me mad completely. It cease to work every night. Cable guy says that he will provide DSL service after 28th july. I hope that day comes soon.

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