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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Imagination or Illustration?? still a question.

Today, I read the novel "Love story" by Erich Segal. I picked it from the library because Rani was reading it in a movie =P and they projected the book with great hype. Secondly it was a short novel so I can complete it in lesser time as I can't afford to waste a second these days for the reason that my examinations are lined-up.

It was an okay read because as soon as I reached the second chapter(and the book has total 22 chapters), I realized that I have already seen an indian movie based on the same story. The movie was far better than the much-hyped literature. Anyways I enjoyed reading it as I can imagine the characters in the way they were shown in the movie. If anyone hasn't seen the flick 'Khwahish', then you may also get pleasure from reading this light romantic tale.

PS: Mallika Sherawat's acting in the same movie was awesome. Unfortunately it was the most overlooked performance of that year.

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