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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Living on medicines and I am tired of it.

Okay, so it started with tonsils and allergy; and now after being on medication sporadically for more than a year, it has advanced into Sinus because of which my hair are also turning gray - thanks to all those famous doctors. But this doctor took 20 minutes to diagnose me and asked my whole medical history. He will choose the treatment after he examines my blood reports.

Destination two.. they took out my blood in a fat syringe. Blood was thick and blackish maroon in color; hey don't get it wrong - I am not a vampire. After that they took my PNS x-ray. Now this whole x-ray thingy had a hidden humor in it. They asked me to open my jaw as wide as much I can and also stop breathing(woaah that was tough!). Laughs out loud on the position which was damn funny, felt as if I was a dead fish. The x-ray table should've had some chocolate syrup on it because it tasted yuck.

I hope and pray that I get fully cured and the disease gets eradicated from the core.

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