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Monday, September 26, 2005

Watch out!

We know that Shisha is available in almost all the top-notch restaurants in Karachi. Most of teenagers like them too as they feel high when they consume it. The main reason behind its popularity is that people assume that its tobacco free which is an utter misconception. In contrast, Shishas are even more damaging than a cigarette. Ironically, use of the Shisha may increase the smoker's toxic exposure as smoker spends more time per session of smoking than do other cigarette smokers, probably because the smoke is less harsh or irritating.

In addition to the first risk, you also can't judge what they have served you in the first place as these restaurants can go far beyond your assumptions. Firstly, Shisha has raw nicotine which does its work faster and causes more harm to your body. At times restaurants also mix marijuana and opium with flavored tobacco to enhance its flavors and the drug quantity depends on the type of flavor you choose. They also put a tablet of panadol on the chillum to give you an extra high. All this harm can be easily traced out by the fact that most shisha smokers feel extremely weak after two or three of its use.

Never forget, Substance use is life abuse!!

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