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Monday, November 07, 2005

Me, myself, I and Eid

Okay, so yet another eid passed away. As usual it was boring and blank as there aren't not much of my relatives living in karachi and obviously the earthquake incident. The worst part is when you have sweets, nimco and the unhealthiest chips lying in your house, you can't resist. I ate so much that now I am regretting. Obviously it will give me some extra kilos, sore throat and sinus attack too. Duh!!

The only thing I liked about this Eid was that Geo TV and Ary Digital Channel did a great job by celebrating this eid with earthquake victims especially kids. Those celebrities atleast succeeded in bringing smiles over the faces of innocent kids by playing, singing and giving them eidi/gifts. Kudos to you!!

And remember the work ain't over yet, Keep Donating!!

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