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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are our minds alive like our hearts?

We all know how much western culture is messed up, especially on the ethical, political and social grounds.. its a different matter that they don't understand this because they are enjoying living this way. The recent blasphemy shown by Danish press by publishing cartoons, mocking the holiest figure of Islam, Prophet Muhammad(Peace Be Upon Him). This act has offended and hurt sentiments of Muslims worldwide. This whole issue raised a point in global arena that how much freedom is acceptable? The problem with west is that they think freedom means you can do everything, no strings attached. But as you have to pay price of everything, freedom also brings a duty on all of us. The duty of respecting other's existence and don't harm them in any way; physically and emotionally.

This act ignited anger in every Muslim but how we dealt with it on religious or national levels, is still a disgrace. Yes I know all that rallys of protest did help in getting all the media attention and also an apology from Danish government but did it contributed in projecting a more positive and real image of Islam and the message of our beloved prophet? I don't think so. Most arab countries banned the products, okay its somewhat acceptable but still not logical. But didn't you think those protests put us in even worse view.. what they perception will get from it? Maybe a perception that Muslims are people who only know to shout, scream and attack. Wouldn't it have been more influencial that our muslim religious leaders and government officials have sent letters with more logical grounds to the Danish government representing our disgust in more positive way than banning those danish products? Wouldn't it have been more effective that our media would have contributed even more than showing those protests? I saw all this in news after the issue was half rotten, and media felt that they have done their duty by just telecasting the news, was nothing more in all this that should have been taken care of?

Over all this, Irani Newspaper has also announced an international competition for cartoons on Holocaust competition to condemn this act. Is this right?! Certainly not, what kind of example are we trying to set. Don't you think that it is completing immoral that if were hurt by an act, you will try to replicate it to hurt others. Have we ever thought what are positive steps are we taking in order to improve the image of Islam in world? All we know is to cry and scream. And by the time arrives for using our minds we are all exhausted. You are not living in the era of horses, camels and swords.. that era was there 1400 yrs. ago. Now it is 2006.. I think it is a high time that we try to bridge gaps between nations and religions and try to accept each other the way they are. It is the only way to kill this hatred.

It is important to condemn wrong things but people will only listen when you will change those things in you too. Haven't we seen offensive comments in past on arab media about christianity and judaism? Isn't the arab media filled with sunni people and isn't the government control the journalism and shia's are pressurized against freedom of speech. We talk about freedom of speech still we don't follow it.

We need to take these steps on urgent basis and unitedly,
On a much lighter note, after completion of audition's stage of American Idol Season 5.. I can claim this confidently that most of wannabees who didn't make it were suffering from Constipation and they only came and sing to solve this problem. One also asked permission to Simon to go to bathroom in middle of his audition as he wanted to pee. Bwahahaha!!

Be Peaceful!!

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Update: BBC plans to show the controversial cartoons anytime tonight. We oppose such an irresponsible display. This will send another wave of anger among Muslim Ummah through out the world. Raise your voice against this display on this cell number: 00448700100222

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