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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Complex Creativity

The problem with creative people are that they are open to ideas but they just go too much in detail that sometimes the actual purpose fades away, that they couldn't understand other person's perspective. I don't mean that detail is not important. I seriously believe that God lies in details and it makes the project a success or a flop. Creative minds are filled with ideas, when one idea is not yet finished the other pops in and then the main product just messes up, or atleast you get confused and lose your focus to what you were doing and what you wanted to do. Afterall adjective known as artistic is a synonym for insane. I don't know whether I am creative or not but you can surely count me in the insane lot :p I know what I am writing, I mean trying to write isn't making any sense but sometimes a day's incident shouldn't be written in a way which explains what and how it happened because it isn't important what happened but why it happened.. I mean the philosophy behind that one interaction. Okay I know I babble alot but you can't object, I have ownership and possession of this blog.. yea yea you all know I am an accounting student so I betta shutup but the dheet I am, I wont.. not that easily!!

Okay back to the world of creativity. The most inspiring or creative thing for me is a good artistic movie. Movies will always come first, then ofcourse writing, then maybe music and finally painting. Black won 11 filmfare awards. Mostly all actors and technicians won awards in all the categories in which they were nominated. Black missed the dialouges, screenplay and art direction awards. They were best in it man but afterall all awards can't be given to one film or else other will go empty-handed. Ayesha Kapoor is the world's best child actress for sure. Oprah just loves a child actress who worked in movie 'I am Sam'.. I just don't remember her name but I would say she is nobody infront of Ayesha. Sach main she is the star and the surprise package of the movie. I hated Amitabh before but I admit his second inning is rocking. He is in his 60's or maybe 70's but he can still set screen on fire, all he needs is a good character and great director. Rani Mukherjee is so awesome that she doesn't need any comments. She has no dialouges in this film but still its the most powerful performance in 3 decades of hindi cinema. She acts and her expressions are so perfect that guys also cried :p. It was both magic of her acting talent and story. Director is aesthetic genius. The film says it all. Each frame is perfect, grand and beautiful. BLACK IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!
More on Black here.

Btw Filmfare awards this time was flop and fair. Flop because the hosts were telling jokes which were so stupid that you can't even enough laugh on single of them. On the contrary one can be angry in vain. Secondly, the performances were so boring and pheekhi that I felt like ewww!! Where the energy man?! And why it is fair is already explained in the post.

Damn I missed today's episode of Pehchaan. It was the last one, now I have to wait for 10 bloody hours for retelcast which mean I won't be able to sleep well as I have to get early to catch it up. This is the best work of Mehreen till date.

Just a note, new blog links are added on sidebar. They are fantabulous.. make sure that you check 'em out.

And above all, my uncle's daughter is in ICU. She is very serious. Doctors are saying that she has a very less chance of surviving. She needs your prayers. Today is his wedding anniversy and her sweet little daughter is in life or death situation. I know God will do the thing which in their best interst, HE is kind. But I want her to live and have a great future. I hope the best happens and I know what will happen will be the best.

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