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Monday, February 20, 2006

All is because of my dear God's blessings :)

I know this is neither 22nd nor my exams are over but today I got a pending result about which I was neither confident but it was very crucial result. And guess what, yours truly passed the paper with flying colors by the grace of God.. yes every color you can imagine, I mean the result is fantabulous. I wasn't expecting to score that much which so much much for everyone because I was like whether I will pass or not :) I hope I get a position but I don't want to anticipate much because time will tell.

Pappu paas hogaya yaay!! where is my cadbury? Pass hogaya wohi bohat hai :p

One paper left.. 22nd feb is the date of exam and the same date will bring me the result. Your prayers are highly needed, now I am not that confident about myself but yes I am confident about God's decision :p Cya laters!!

Update: My uncle congratulated me this way,

Keep up, God with us!

Keep up God, ... with us.

He is genius. We both think alike. I hope you got my point ;)

On a serious note, ever wondered who made us this way? All the praises is for HIM.

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