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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Paagalpan a.k.a. Madness

Now Meenal is out of the Indian Idol 2. I guess Indians will end up making a besura Idiotic Idol whose cds and cassettes won't get sold for sure. After so many shocks this is not the biggest one. Second on my list after Monali.. I am still her performances, Meenal has the most distinct and unusual voice in Indian Idol. There was something complex about her personality that always impressed me. I am still trying to figure out what it was! And after all like every ususual and different product, talent, voice or personality takes time to get accepted by the market, same happened with Meenal. I think there was no lacking on her part, it is the janta and judge Farah Khan who are responsible for her vote out. Indian people want simple a.k.a. stupid singers cum performers who according to Farah Khan has X-Factor. I was so shocked because despite being one of my favorite choreographer and director, she doesn't know what is a different between a childish/comical performance and a brilliant performance. Btw did I tell you that Meenal is very beautiful girl with sparkling eyes and killing smile.

Yesterday I was watching a current affairs program on Geo with my Dad and both of us were laughing hysterically about the guests' comments and their senseless allegations on each other. One renowned Mullah Politican was when asked why are you doing such violent protests, in answer he kept on insulting the president that Musharraf is this and that on which another party leader said that this proves that these Mullahs are just trying to create propaganda against government to harm them. He also pointed out that this Mowlana so-called Saheb didn't even mentioned that he and his party is doing it for their love of Prophet Muhammad. He also said that if they say that they are the only ones who are good muslims and the rest are sinners then it would be wrong because he is no one to give judgement on other person's faith. He added that President Musharraf and PM Shoukat Aziz are also Muslims and have love for our prophet like you all other Muslims so to put such blames is not a respectable thing to do. On which Imran Khan said something very stupid.. I can't recall it right now but yes whatever it was, it was a very stupid comment. I was thinking that when a person like Imran Khan who himself admits that he is not that religious and is only a politican then there was no need to call such person on a show which discussed how protests should be peacefully done against the cartoon controversy because he was not speaking anything related to topic, infact he was diverting the issue by saying that it was his biggest mistake in his whole political career and in his whole life(I doubt!) to give Musharraf his vote of confidence. Our so-called national and religious leaders are lame, mad and paindoos.. please get a life people!

It is so hot today and I am so tired because I have never done so much khuwari in my whole friggin life for the submission of some fees. My eyes are hurting badly. Wanna have some sleep so see ya later. And before leaving, I know that I haven't seen many of your blogs for a long time and I am sorry for that but what can I do, my net is unable to access the updated posts. I am working on it.. hope it gets fixed or else I still won't kill anybody :s/:p


Update: My uncle's daughter is improving. Thanks to all of you who prayed for her. She still needs your prayers as she is not completely out of danger. There is a long way to go but yes I also know that God is Kind :)

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