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Thursday, April 06, 2006


I haven't written some stupid posts for quite some time so lets have one today.

Okay so let me introduce to a new person. He is a very naughty child a.ka. my new tution student. He loves to talk so much that ones he starts its impossible to make him stop. He just does all the nonstop chatar patar(chatterbox talk) and make you laugh like hell. The good thing is that he studies in the same school in 5th grade where I spend a decade of my life which was good place to learn and spend a whole day then but now it has turned gross. He does some very insane things like fooling his school teachers and getting away with it. When he had not cut his nails for cleanliness check, he fools teacher by wrapping a saniplast bandage over his finger. When teacher punishes him, he takes a compass and makes a slight bruise over his hand or leg which causes blood to flow out and gains pity from his teacher.. very dangerous. No doubt he is a sharp kid and a position holder at school, stills he is a wise evil and very much fun too.

He also tells me stories from the school like our principal who used give long speeches once or twice a month and cause alot of havoc in assembly as students started fainting and falling on ground bcoz they were unable to stand for so long. Now this have become daily ritual but no one faints now because they have got used to it :p

Also he told this to me about one teacher Ms. S, "Miss S toh itni gandhi hain.. woh apne paaon bhi kabhi nahi dhotien. Maine unki arhi dekhi thi itni maili thi" grossly translated as Ms. S is always so messy. Her feet soles are alway so dirty she doesn't even care to wash them. Lolzz!!

My whole family have a great time when he is around. It is funny that his mom pays me to listen to such shit and answer his stupid irrelevant questions. No problem, I am very much honest. with my work.. lolz okay I confess I am not that much serious but yes he has improved in Maths yaar. What more can I do?! I hope my prospective future clients don't read this post ;)

All of you who would like to see two silly twins on reality tv must check Simple Life Interns. Internships at Cementary and Funerals are also fun here. dUMB!!

Mandessa the diva got voted out from American Idol naah kar.. not good!!

PS: I watched a show and this question popped up in my mind. Why parents in their youth bid goodbye to their dream for the reason that somedays their children will make it true?

Upgrade: Did I tell you that once he asked me, "Should I come to tution tomorrow wearing the suit that I wore in my uncle's wedding? Its black with red lining and a bow..."
LMAO.. I tell ya, this kid is quite an entertainment!

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