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Thursday, March 16, 2006

LMAO Moments on Reality TV

'Simple Life Interns' starts today on Star World. So excited about it.. afterall who doesn't like dumb blondes and a hilarious show which has all friggin messy situation because of these two naughty filthy-rich spoiled adult brats named Paris and Nicole :p

And the best American Idol moments are when Ryan pulls legs of Simon in a way that actually makes rude and prompt Simon speechless; quite an achievement for Ryan and great fun for viewers. Taylor, Mandeesa, Lisa, Paris and Chris were top performers last night.. simply rocking.

So Dad scolded me yesterday. First try to understand this ritual, whenever my dad scolds me the same day or the very next day he either brings some yummy treat for me or else buys me a great gift. This time because of my illness, treat was banned so he bought me a Franklin Digital Dictionary and Thesaurus. Ohh I so love my dad :) and mom too and above all our ultimate creator, my dear God.

When I lost tons of pounds short time back, I bought a new closet. Now I lost another inch or two, at this juncture who will buy me another pant when the new one is not even a month old.. *cries for his new pant*

This blog is not rocking anymore, I think it is turning into a shit.. will talk about this issue tomorrow. Keep tuned in!!

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