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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Five Bloggity Bites

1) Name five blogs that you like to visit every day.

1) Heewa
2) GreenHead
3) Anonymuis
4) Sidrat
5) Goddess
.. only because they mostly update everyday as blogsphere is very sleepy these days, every blogger on my sidebar is important for me so every single updated blog on my blogroll so people you don't have to worry ;) Thanks for always being there.
2) Name five blogs/bloggers that inspire you.

1) Alternate Thinking
2) H.O.PE.
3) Cecilia
4) Jeff
5) Trailady

3) Name five blogs that you find the most informative.

1) Asian Smiles
2) Fahad
3) Nabeel
4) Shirazi
5) Aisha

4) Name five podcasts and/or video blogs that you enjoy.
Sorry I don't visit any =s
5) Name five blog tools or blog services that you really love.

1)Unkymoods(I just loved it but unfortunately it is now closed) so now Imood
2) BlogPatrol
3) Blogrolling(the thing I don't like about it is that sometimes it just goes insane)
4) Haloscan(I love it regardless of the fact - we all know - that it is partially free and annoying sometimes)
5) Brainy Quote

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