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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dumb Dilemmas

I don't why am I feeling gloomy these days.. I mean in form of mood swings. Is it because the sinus is back? Is it because I am sitting idle at home for about 1 month because my classes will start sometime in this month? Is it because of A's(my uncle's daugher) health? Is it because I have many people's immense pressure upon me? Is it because my sleeping schedule is completely messed up? Is it because I am not doing these that can want to do but didn't get time for no reason? Is it because I am completely screwed up? Is it because I am getting a intuition that I might miss my position from only 1 mark? Is it because my bloody net here in Pakistan is not allowingme/able to access blogs? Is it because I am wasting alot of time? Is it because of fears of future which should not be there in the first place? Is it because of all the tension that is piled up in my head for Idontknowhowmanyyears? Is it because I am facing alot of dilemmas?

Answers itself are in the questions but I don't know from where should I start the change. I think I should get real now, alot of faking is already done now it should seriously stop. I have to be more religious because you gotta practice the faith because only faith is no good. And I should sleep at time. Then everything will fall into place. I hope so. God give me the willpower, you know I always need your help, we all do!

Okay so the problem is would I be able to complete a friggin one-year diploma while doing ACCA because my class timings are not fixed and after june the workload will be immense(can we find a more intense word). This question needs an urgent answer. I want to do this but I am not interested in some courses of diploma. It will give me basic informaiton about filmmaking but I don't want to learn animation. The thing is one-year is hell lotta time and much of my time will also get wasted. Let see where the nature takes me!!

I seriously condemn today's bomb blast in Karachi. I seriously don't know what these terrorists are upto.. mindless freaks. I don't really know their religion, none of us do and it won't matter. Terrorists are afterall terrorist and only terrorist. On the other side of coin, deaths only happen when they are actually planned to happen. Btw the protests in India against Bush were rocking. OMG!! he is getting tons of filthy insult and I seriously like it. Don't you think Bushy looks like a Monkey, let me tell ya that he don't only look like a monkey but he is a monkey in reality and not only a monkey but a confused stupid idiotic Moronic Monkey. Ohh I so like it and I so hate him. Bwahhahaaa!!!

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