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Monday, March 06, 2006

Are we clean?

When you have nothing to do on internet, go on orkut and waste your time effectively :p Now this is itself an issue altogether so I will discuss it later. For now when I was visiting some stranger's profile - btw these strangers and fraandshipper are such pains - I saw his communities tab in which there was a community named 'Clean Karachi'. The community had no picture on it and this fact really hit me hard. For me, a community should have a picture.. a compulsion. I stopped and reflected on it for a second, doesn't Karachi has a single clean area?

The answer is that no such area exists, its a bitter reality and just face it.. how will one be ever able to place a picture of clean Karachi on a community or a newspaper or on the face of this earth. Infact the porche area Clifton smells of gutter and chicken. Others have yellow-coloured depressive buildings surrounded by lots of trash starting for a sweet wrapper to something as disgusting as banana filth, some maybe also there on the middle of the roads. Pollution is on the rise, every day we breathe more impure air. We are so accustomed to this by now that we no longer smell or see this trash the way it deserved to be looked. Trash collectors come and collect trash for homes but we still see trash here and there.. does it lands up from trash cart to roads again? How and Why are the big questions? Will Karachi ever be clean?

A city's or a society's inhabitates and their maturity is reflected by their surroundings. If their surroundings are clean, this reflect they are also clean. Physically, mentally and morally clean to be exact!! But hey here most people even me, don't even give a damn to organize their rooms and make them all nice n proper, so the surroundings and city is something way too big to talk about. I seriously don't know what will happen of this issue.. everyone's effort collectively will bear some fruit or else we will have more patients of respiratory diseases in our city.

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