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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Baddy Bad

Did I tell you that I am again down with Sinus like poor Lucy.. and that I can't even speak and I also burned my fingers while making the yummy hot chocolate milk. Ohh yours truly is such a cry baby. He also loves to lick Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate yumm but I wan't a thick hot chocolate not milky one, any suggestion?! Did I bought the wrong dabba(product) but who carez when it sill tastes yummmm?!

Indian Idol 2 results sucked today as it always does. My last hope also flushed in the drain. After Monali and Meenal, Amey is also out. What a protest the judges, audience and Amey's mom did on the set that they showed on the television. I thought it was a publicity stunt. Afterall now I don't even trust these shows. They aren't fair as there is no restrictions on voting and their lines mostly get blocked which has a direct negative effect on the voting.

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