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Sunday, March 19, 2006


As I said in my last post that I think this blog of mine has turned into a shit and I will discuss more about it next post, so here I am discussing my own shit. I mean I started this blog so I can have a space where I can practice my passion for writing, so I can write what I wanted to write and above all when I wanted to write. Blog has given me space, many bloggy friends and great interaction too but is it taking my passion one step further? am I getting the creative satisfaction? I started with writing what I wanted to write and ended up with writing mere ramblings of my day to day life, now I doesn't have time nor zeal to write some more crap. The another thing is that I don't want to bid a good bye to my blog. Whatever my blog is or how it is, still I have a sense of belonging for it.

It is not with my blog, what I see is that the whole blogosphere is dull for quite some time and on the top of it we Pakistani Bloggers are facing a bann. On the other hand, we bloggers aren't prepared for reading quality stuff because some of these pieces are long and require alot of thinking in order to comprehend them and make them your own while reading it. We want to read everyone's blog, we are the worshippers of quantity and not quality because both to write and read quality pieces, one needs time and concentration and who have time to do all this. One shitty blog of mine gets attention and the other with substance is left to rot in dirt. Sad and bitter world of blog and we all have made it this way. From now on I will write on my blog whenever I feel like doing it and what I feel like writing then whether its a thinker's piece or a rambler's, and I don't care whether comments flow in or not, if they come I will always cherish them and if not its perfectly fine for me.

PS: In few days, you will see a new blogroll on my sidebar. I didn't mean to offend any one but I will write and read what I want to but this doesn't mean that you people aren't welcomed to my space. Doors of my blog are always open for you :)

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