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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Everything is so messed up!

Ohh I so hate Star Plus dramas and they are back to drive me insane... duh!! The sound effects, dialouges and all the melodrama.. arghh :@ It is such a pity that after such big break, people have so easily bounced back to see the same improved nonsense. Our elders need to chill serously!! It is so annoying to wake up while listening all this shit uff!!

Life is all boring and sleepy these days. I have noticed that I am feeling terribly weak these days. I can't even stand a wind, now thats alarming! More but only healthy food and less illness.. thatz my motto from now on.

Blogging scene is dead and same is my blog. Now I don't get that high nor I feel like blogging these days. I don't know why is this happening. Is it boredom or lack of time or simply because of less interaction? I haven't started this blog to rant and ramble about my personal life. I found it as a good intellectual, creative and intereactive platfrom but as I said now it seems as if all this is DEAD!! Don't worry I won't be leaving it so easily but guys please wake up!! I should too.. I mean I dont get time to visit other blogs and I so regret this :(

I think that Bloggers.Pakistan is very good initiative.. good luck guys and have a great reading experience.

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