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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Convocation of Self Development(12 year) Graduation

1st Oct 2005
My wish came true but hard luck, got no attention. Never trust others, always trust your own intuition. Anyways I am very thankful to my dear God for all the respect and blessings that He has bestowed upon me.

Sid, Happy Birthday!!

2nd Oct 2005
Sorrie my dearest God, I was a little complaining and unthankful about yesterday's no attention dilemma and today's conference. I was wrong, I left early from the convocation but a beautiful marble sheild is still waiting for me. I will collect it soon, thank you so much! Conference was okay, but yes I did learn few things which will help me in my future professional as well as personal life too. By the way, learning doesn't come from money so never dare to curse it. I am again sorry. These conversations with God are highly personal affair for me and I don't know whether I should here or not but If anyone of you thinks that this makes your faith stronger then I guess, the tradition should go on.

PS: Two of our neighbours passed away, please do pray for the peace of their souls.(Amen)

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