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Friday, December 30, 2005

Best of 2005 in my life

Every year brings some new scenes in your life's movie.. some of them are fortunatley joyous, fulfilling and exciting; some are funny/embarrasing, depressing or sad. As 2005 is approaching its end, so I just thought that I should get introspective retrospectively and acknowledge the wonderful things that this year gave to me as happiness comes from simple pleasures.

Without any order, Best 50 things of 2005 in my life are:

  1. I got A grade in self-improvement course and was among top 40 students in Karachi.
  2. I finally made my mind about what to do on studies and career front.
  3. Raheel Jr. came to karachi and we had a fun time together.
  4. I saw a wonderful movie BLACK.
  5. Visited Kara Film Festival which was really rocking.
  6. I made alot of sweet bloggy friends.. thanks a million for your love and support.
  7. I ate yummy subway burger for the first time.
  8. I passed three CAT papers.. great results mashallah se!
  9. I taught for a whole year.
  10. Some of students really made my day by those lovely honest comments.
  11. Lost 20 pounds.
  12. I got a new hairstyle plus glasses.. which means a complete makeover.
  13. Took writing seriously.
  14. I shot some beautiful creative pictures this year.
  15. I wore color Black for the first time.
  16. I got opportunities to make small differences in people's life.
  17. Did a lot social work.
  18. Read some great thought-provoking books.
  19. I studied accounting and management for the first time.
  20. I enjoyed a big share of compliments this year.
  21. Spend great moments with family and friends.
  22. Thought about alot of important things in life.. this year was really thought provoking.
  23. Learnt to be thankful.
  24. Fought against problems with optimism.
  25. Made a chocolate cake :)
  26. Learnt countless new things.
  27. Exercised self control to maintain balance in life.
  28. Had a rocking birthday!!
  29. My first year of blogging.
  30. Won a presentation competition.. it was unexpected.
  31. Internal Satisfaction
  32. Great addition ot my wardrobe.
  33. Room makeover.. yeehaaa!!
  34. Got great teachers to learn from.. its a rare blessing, I tell ya!
  35. Creative Satisfaction
  36. My first insane celebrity crush =P
  37. Sinus came into my life as a blessing because it helped me to get back on the tracks, I was really messed up before.
  38. Learnt the skill of judging people.
  39. Love and encouragement from Parents.
  40. Fulfillment of many wishes.
  41. Guidance
  42. Reunions with old friends.
  43. Peace of Mind
  44. Self-improvement in many areas.
  45. Food, Cloth and Shelter.. usually we take this blessing for granted.
  46. Learnt to enjoy simple pleasures of life.
  47. Plans and hopes for future.
  48. Happy, fun, laughter and fulfilling moments backed by unknown reasons.
  49. One more year to live.
  50. God's love, care and support followed by countless blessings.

I am really thankful to God for such a great year. I feel so much blessed and I know I can't even pay HIM back or thank HIM to the fullest. I also want to thank my parents, family, friends, teacher, students and everyone else for making this year so special for me by their own special and unique ways.

I hope new year bring alot of happiness, prosperity and satisfaction in our lives, and we improve and progress by leaps and bounds. Next year should bring us one step or even more closer to achieve our purpose of life(Amen)

Good Luck and Have a great year ahead!!

*Party hard and then work harder*

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