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Monday, December 26, 2005

I can't understand all this!!

First of all, sorry to my foreign readers because some of the text in this piece is in urdu but I hope you will get the point.

PEMRA has gone mad yet again. They banned all Indian Channles except MTV, [V] and ZOOM.. inhi ko pata nahi kyun chor diya, inko toh sab se pehle ban karna chahiye =P. So at this moment, when the whole world is watching Indian Idol 2, I am just staring the blank walls of my house. Okay let me clearify this, I am not a big fan of indian programming. IMHO, most of the indian daily soaps are totally senseless, disgusting and ridiculous. The only thing that I will miss is Indian Idol 2 and BBB(OMG!! the characters are so adorable and phunny!!). Actually these were the only two programmes that I used to watch on TV, and some paki telefilms on the weekends. What those PEMRA people expect from us? Should we watch sick Filmazia or KTN or maybe some pashtu channel? Ironically local channel GeoTV is nowadays telecasting the old serials of Sony, and most of local channels are telecasting serials which has an indian soap queen so I guess, banning is entirely a senseless action. PEMRA should be renamed as Dramaybaaz because it suits perfectly to their job description - kabhi Indian channels band karwate hain toh kabhi paki radio stations.

I watched a documentary on PTV(Phatta huwa television) which showed how Indian films used to abuse Pakistan in their movies. But the most disappointing thing was that when the new films like Main Hoon Naa dealt with the theme of Indo-Pak friendship, they took it also as a superficial act. Okay so they meant to say, saima ko dekho, rani ko nahi.

Jab ban karna hi hai toh sab kuch karo, english channels kyun chor diye woh bhi kardete!! Stupid jerks. All this war is between goverments, and the awaam is getting phansofied in it.

*I am angry :@*

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