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Friday, December 16, 2005


Every human has a weakness of some sort, sometimes by option and sometimes by luck. If a person has weakness by luck; if s/he is skinny, fat, short, black or disabled for that matter, society does treat him brutally. Collectively, we all think that okay if he is different, he deserves an abnormal behaviour. Maybe I and You don't believe in such prejudice but it previals and we can't deny this fact.

Ironically, in this age of technology and competence, the first preference is always given to the looks and then comes the brain; nOne care about inner beauty of a person. When I was fat and short guy with pre-mature gray hair growth, I wasn't given the same important, forget about important say consideration.. that guy is intelligent but hey he is fat and short, its better to ignore him. Now when I am getting tall and slim with a new hair cut, people have start noticing me but according to me, seriously its not all about getting praises on my looks, its about the respect and exceptance. Oprah, once invited an old lady in her show to thank her because she was the first and only woman raher person in Oprah's childhood who said that she is beautiful.. and it made a great change in Oprah's life.

I am not complaining, I am content and thankful but what about others who can't make such change.. will they ever get what they deserve. I know they will but at mass level, not too sure. I know many of you will still be thinking that its not a big problem, just see the positive things in your life but believe me but when this unconstructive critisicm hits you again and again every day, it no longer remains an easy job to do. Sadly, we all are the ones who make the society. The way society treats its people belonging to lower class or those who are different in any respect, depicts how mature the society is!

Menu for tomorrow: how to lose weight?

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