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Monday, December 12, 2005

weirdo day

I was supposed to write about Kara Part II today but as I had a bad, naa name it a strange day so I thought it is more important to note it. Kara Post will be coming tomorrow.

I took bus to my college, to my amazement bus was filled with some drunk/'high' people. With all this annoyance, I finally reached college. I was told that the class was cancelled because our teacher was ill.. okay so I was really angry, I took an 1 hour journey to reach college with couple of stinky people and now I am being told that I have to go home without gaining anything, that can any person damn angry but still I tried to keep a smiling face, sometimes you gotta fake it. Then I went to Mr. AR, the student affairs counsellor and he was unable to guide me about a simple registration process of ACCA.. ufff!! Btw it's not that simple =p

Now when I fetched a bus to get back home, I found that those seat cushion were at an angle of 120 or something similar, my butt still hurts seriously!! After bearing all this nonsense, I tried to put my hands on camera. And those stupid battery cells aren't working. If you're thinking that I am exaggerating then believe me its not even half of the whole story. Now according to me, one should sleep after such ____ day. Good bye and wish me sweet dreams =)


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