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Monday, December 19, 2005

Tale about Raheel^2

Okay so Raheel Junior is here in Karachi. Don't assume anything way to early =P, he is my little desi-american cousin and we both share same six letter name - one name doubles the cuteness. He is a fun kid; he loves cheese, garfield, video games, tv and above all talking, pretty similar tastes as mine. He calls me 'his future but without the glasses', lolz isn't that adorable =). I ate way too much today, so if somebody has cursed me after reading/hearing my 20lbs. weight loss news then please take it back.. hey I am just kidding, don't take it seriously but if you have really cursed me then I am damn serious. Shorts mein bole toh(Briefly), I had a fun-filled day and less studies. OMG!! this reminds me that I have a paper on wednesday so keep praying exponentially, this time its urgent and really necessary!! Buyyeeee!

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