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Thursday, December 22, 2005


One more tag by Asma in this taggy season!

Seven Things I want to do in my life:
1) I want to fulfill my purpose on earth and make God happy.
2) I want to make my parents proud.
3) I want to study film making and make a short film.
4) I want to publish my own book and have my own photography exibit.
5) Wanna be a RJ!!
6) Learn and improve myself continuously.
7) Wanna be successful in whateva I do.

Seven Things I can do:
1) I can watch five non-stop sick pu movies for Rs.50000 or come to Shaadi Online for $50000. Do you waant to do marry with me?! lolz!!
2) I can worry for even slighest problem and then come out of it optimisticly.
3) I can think about zillions of things simultaneously.
4) I can izzatify(insult) someone very innocently and sarcastically.
5) I can eat, talk and watch shahrukh khan movies, mehreen jabbar and sania saeed plays for hours and hours.
6) I can write well, people have said this to me but honestly I think I am overrated.
7) I can smile and dance in public for free, only if none is watching =P. Btw I am not that bad.

Seven Things I can't do:
1) I can't live without my parents, music and oxygen.
2) Be Conventional
3) Can't sing.. I want to do that and I have tried many times but always failed. Goddess can you please help me! And can't stop laughing once I start =P
4) Decide.. just ask Anonymuis.
5) Share worries, problems and secrets.
6) False praise anyone, I am very straight forward, simply ignore double standards!!
7) Watch QTV, Aalim online, Filmazia and stupid paki ads.

Seven Things I say the most:
1) Stupid
2) Naa
3) *-wala (replace * with any word, e.g: yeh kitna boring-wala kaam hai)
4) Sahi hai
5) Set, lash, anth and uff
6) Lame
7) excuse me!
YAAR tops up the list which was/is not even there in the list =P

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1) innocence
2) personality
3) intelligence
4) haircut
5) elegance in everything, specially clothes.
6) confidence
7) unconvential-ethical opinions

Seven Celebrity Crushes:
Mona Bhatt, Kajol, Mona Singh, Nadia Jameel.. okay enuff said! (no angelina jolie, mallika sherawat or kashish for me =P) 4 + |-3| = 7 .. are u happiee now?!

Seven People I Tag:
1) GreenHead
2) Hira
3) Goddess
4) Kat
5) Anonymuis
6) Aamanna
7) Sidrat and everyone who is not tagged by Asma.

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