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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Time just flied and knocked on my doorstep.


... here is the newz!!

My blog turns ONE year old today. Yaay!! One year passed so fast and today I am celebrating my bloggy's 1st budday ever.


Blogging has brought a great level of happiness and creative satisfaction in my life. Every day brought a new post; a new experience.. some philoshopical, some nostalgic, some emotional, some hate stuff and some were just ramblings. I was going through my archives and some posts were so damn bad that I thought how can I write this.. were I nuts?! I felt like hiding my face under the pillow.

Its a great joyous day for me because its my bloggy's first birthday and it will not come again so I celebrated it with giving myself a treat of pizza.. for some special days its not that bad to gain some calories =P

Now a round of thanks which to some special people. First and Foremost to Hira, who introduced me to the world of blogging. Thanks to all my bloggy friends and readers who have jhelofied(tolerated) me, always appreciated my efforts, discussed their opinions, pointed me where I lack and have proved to be great net pals. A sincere thanks to Ms. Saulat and Ms. Shehla for giving me confidence that I can also WRITE. Last but not the least, thanks to blogger for giving me free and partially stupid haloscan for giving me temp comments space. Biggest thanks to God for giving me this talent and opportunity.

So on this birthday, I will be observing Retrospection for three days in which I will post links to my favorite posts every day. I will be great pleasure ot test your patience ;)

Okay so now its your turn to give me present. First promise me that you will do so. Don't get scared I only want you to click button on this page as many times and as many days as you can. All the fund collected from your clicks will goto Pakistan's Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction Task. Honestly it will be the bestest gift for me on my bloggy b'day and for victims of this massive catastrophe on new year.

Keep tuned in and pray for my and my blog's success =)

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