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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Social Roundup

Last Sunday, we had to discuss a cartoon in our self-development class for teachers and be cynical about it as we were the black hats.. it was about water and sewerage issue in Pakistan in accordance with Water Day. I was chosen to give presentation in front of 50-60 students. As soon as I started speaking I made every point so humorous that once I end a line the only thing I hear are giggles and laughters. One student commented 'Bilkul theek bandey ko bheja hai' translated as They have chosen the right person for this job =P. Those 3 minutes were so much fun that I can't even tell you. It also helped me to gain back my confidence. I have observed that my vocab is just fading away. I don't have right words anymore and I don't know why. I mean as far as writing is concerned I don't find any difficulty but my communication skills are getting worse day by day. I don't know is it because I have become so much involved in the writing process that I need to rejunevate my presentation skills. I used to be very good in conducting presentations mashallah se but I guess now I need to concentrate a bit more to get to that level again and then improve it more.

Then yesterday one person asked me a question where do you live? I answered his question then he asked me where are you from? Now I just went out of words. I mean this is a tough question to answer. Is there any accurate answer for it? I haven't find one till now. I mean should I tell him my geographical roots or my family roots or my religious roots.. whateva!

Few days ago, I got a very sound and important advice from a stranger but I will Inshallah share it with you all on friday in HOPE blog so mark the day in your calenders.

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